How to Prepare CSIR NET Chemistry

  • Join one of Best Coaching Institute to Quick Cover Entire Syllabus in Limited Time Frame
  • Review the Complete CSIR NET Syllabus and list up all the topics on a paper.
  • Seek out for the best CSIR NET Study Material, Books and Coaching (only if you want to go for tutor assistance).
  • While choosing the study resources, make sure it covers the complete syllabus.
  • Understand the paper pattern and set your targeted score to bag up the exam qualification.
  • Plan a study schedule to manage your time effectively during the exam preparation.
  • Spend at least 6 hours on your studies daily and allow 2 hour extra for revision.
  • Take Important Topics at first. And as soon as you complete a topic, revise it instantly!
  • Also perform the combined revision of the topics which you studied during the whole day long, before going to sleep at night.
  • Utilize Morning Hours on those topics that you find difficult to learn and understand.
  • Noon Hours should be spent on the topics which can be solved with the help of short tricks and methods.
  • Try to cover your maximum portion in Morning and Noon Hours and dedicate evening hours for refining your performance.
  • The best way to polish up your skills and improve your performance is to solve CSIR NET Previous Years Question Papers.
  • The exam syllabus is vast and covering every single topic is very difficult for the aspirants. So, Eduncle experts suggest you analyze the previous years question papers and filter out the topics whose occurrence frequency is higher than the others.
  • Start taking CSIR NET Online Test Series with 1 month left for the exam, so that, you can self-assess your performance and put your efforts towards improving it.
  • For better learning practices, avoid cramming and focus more on understanding their actual meanings and methods.

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